Consolidating debt vs bankruptcy

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Consolidating debt vs bankruptcy

Under a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will need to make payments on a portion of your debts for 36-60 months, however, you won’t need to deal with your creditors individually, and better yet you pay no interest 0% and, you can actually avoid foreclosure on your family home.In a nutshell, a chapter 13 bankruptcy is similar to a consolidation loan in that you’ll need to make payments on a portion of your debts, however, you won’t risk losing your home like you would under a debt consolidation program.That’s because debt settlement does not fit into a tidy package like consolidating credit cards, consumer credit counseling, or bankruptcy.I thought it important to have an introduction to debt negotiation due to the amount, and variations of content, you will find here.With a chapter 7 bankruptcy, most types of debts including credit cards, medical bills, and collection agency accounts are discharged completely, allowing you to start over with a ‘clean slate’.Although you will need to forfeit most of your assets, you won’t be expected to make payments on your debts either.We highly recommend you read through the debt settlement program in order.This will allow you to gain the maximum level of understanding of what credit card debt settlement is, how it will work in your specific situation, when settling debt works best, or even why you might want to avoid debt settlement all together.

In fact, the federal government mandates that people who are considering filing for bankruptcy first participate in pre-filing credit counseling within 180 days of filing, and debt consolidation is one of the options credit counselors often discuss with their clients.Unfortunately, debt consolidation programs aren’t quite as simple, or as affordable, as many people are led to believe.While avoiding bankruptcy through any means necessary might seem like the right choice, all too often consumers wind up spending more, and owning less, when they opt for a debt consolidation loan instead of filing for bankruptcy.But there are many other types of debts that the guides can be applied to.You will find guides related to settling business debts, medical bills, personal loans, and more, throughout the site.

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In most cases, lenders who provide debt consolidation programs will demand collateral against the loan – that usually means leveraging your family home, your vehicle, or your business.

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