Updating records in the database with asp net Free chat with fucky womes

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Updating records in the database with asp net

There is going to come a point where you will want to update your existing database model from your code.The typical way to do this is to use migrations; however, using Code First with an existing database requires a little extra care to work correctly.This will not work because the products and categories tables already exist in the database, so we need to create an initial blank migration and then later we will be able to add a migration for any new changes.

Following this, add a new property named Description to the Product class, with a maximum allowed length of 50 characters, as follows: namespace Code First Existing DB Now add a new migration for the product Description field so you can add it as a new column to the Products table.First of all, you must enable migrations for the project.In Package Manager Console, type the following command (we need to specify the context to use because we included authentication in the project and this uses its own context by default): Enable-Migrations -Context Type Name Code First Existing DB.The Grid View control makes displaying, editing, and deleting data as easy as pointing and clicking.To demonstrate this functionality, let's look at using a Grid View to list all of the records from the SELECT [Product ID], [Product Name], [Products].[Category ID], [Category Name], [Unit Price], [Discontinued] FROM [Products] INNER JOIN [Categories] ON [Products].[Category ID] = [Categories].[Category ID] ORDER BY [Product Name] can be specified through the data source's wizard, via the Select Query property in the Properties window, or declaratively.

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