Updating typed datasets xml validating reader

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Updating typed datasets

Comments in Rexx must be enclosed within a /* and a */.

Every Rexx program should contain the word "Rexx" in its first line of source-code. Its a good practise that you liberally sprinkle your Rexx Program with comments, explaining the purpose and meaning of the code. The SAY Instruction in Rexx is used to display text on the Mainframe Terminal.

The variable text is assigned the character string 'I am learning Rexx'.

say text would display 'I am learning Rexx' on the screen.

I think i need to ask another question about the click event with WPF, and why it doesn't cause the binding to push the value up to the bound object before the event is fired for the button click.

thanks for the help This answer seems to fix the original problem but there is another dangerous problem which is not immediately apparent: different date formats are not parsed correctly. This implementation parsed current date December 9th, 2014 as September 11th, 2014.

To execute a Rexx Program, a simple and easy way is to type the character 'ex' as in execute, against the member-name in the Personal Data-set(PDS) Library you are using to store your Rexx Programs. Rexx presumes that with a new-line, begins a new instruction. Compilers and interpreters usually ignore whitespaces.

When my users select a date via the Calander control within the Date Picker, the value gets correctly bound to the underlying object.You can write a Rexx program, that ADDRESSes(talks to) ISPF. Has it crossed your mind, you can write COBOL Programs too, to do all that I've said above.But, as a norm, you generally write programs in COBOL to implement business rules, build an Insurance Product like a Annuities system, or a banking product.Just like you use the FIND, CHANGE, SAVE Commands in the ISPF Editor, you may code your very own custom commands using Rexx.Rexx programs you can talk to other software applications that run on the Mainframe. Like Windows on the PC Platform, ISPF is the Graphical User-Interface(GUI) software on the Mainframes platform, to do day-to-day common tasks such as creating files, editing files, deleting files etc.

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BUT, if the user types the date within the Date Picker, then clicks a button, the text is not set to the Selected Date property.

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